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Lez Camp Mission

Lez Camp is an inclusive queer community celebrating diversity in all its forms. Our purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all marginalized queers to celebrate who they are, build community & hold space in areas of the world where Safe Queer Spaces are not so common. Visibility and Representation Matters!



Lez Camp is the brainchild of Shawna McIntosh. She, along with her wife Megan, understands the importance of creating safe, queer spaces. With the hope of connecting with others, supporting queer establishments and creating lifelong friendships – Lez Camp began in 2020 as a float trip in Noel, Missouri with 75 people. Based on feedback we knew we wanted to expand and be ever more inclusive. 
Lez Camp moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2021 and almost doubled in size. We added more events including a formal party, yoga, entertainment and sober socials. The move also allowed for alternate lodging options. We are rooted in advocacy and believe in the power of education. We were finally able to add workshops into the camp experience in year four. Our hope is to continue providing opportunities to learn about queer history and how to thrive in the present and future. 
In 2023 over 300 folks attended Lez Camp from across the country. We have traveled all over meeting amazing humans eager to help bring the Lez Camp experience to their town. In 2024 the Lez Camp family includes Lez Camps in multiple cities, Lez Mini-Camps, Lez Vacations, and our promotional events - the #LezBuildCommunityTour
As a grassroots effort we learn so much each year and are forever thinking of ways to improve the Lez Camp experience. We are growing and so is our need for volunteers, entertainers, performers, and venues. If you want to be a part of the Lez Camp experience as a volunteer or are looking for information on what we have planned for upcoming events, you are welcome to join us on our Summer Camp Sundays Zoom meetings.


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