(YBR) Yellow Brick Road Pub: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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While this may be our third lesbian bar of the year… this was our First Official Stop on the #LezBuildCommunityTour2022 and I had almost forgotten how much I love a good Pussy Painting! If you have not had the privilege of checking out this small neighborhood gem… I highly recommend popping in for a night cap. 

For a small period of time this was my neighborhood lesbian bar. When my wife and I first relocated to the Midwest at the end of 2015 I was sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a thirteen week working training… I thought it was a two week training but that’s a story for another time. Obviously… because lesbian… the very first thing I did was Google “Lesbian Bar” and up popped the Yellow Brick Road Pub. Over the years I have popped in for a drink every time I’m in town… and was so happy they let us take over their bar for some Pussy Painting and Drag Kings! 

If you are in Tulsa stop in YBR and ask for Amanda… tell her Lez Camp sent you! 


#LezBuildCommunity #LesbianBar 


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