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The first time I went to Frankie’s was back in October… I had gone to Oklahoma City to visit my Best Friend and watch her daughter play soccer… on a side note… if you have never watched four year olds play soccer… I highly recommend it! I was aware the Lesbian Bar Project’s list had been updated from 15 to 21 remaining Lesbian Bars in the ENTIRE United States… yes… that’s right… only 21!

I stopped by Frankie’s on my way out of town that day with hopes of gathering information on whom I should speak to about hosting a small Lez Camp event there… luckily I walked in when the Owner, Anne, happened to be bartending… excellent! We spoke briefly and I was on my way.

On Saturday Anne and her Wife were kind enough to let me invade Frankie’s for a Pussy Painting Party! Everyone was super nice… very friendly… and very willing to partake in my little Pussy Art Project! We had some very creative contributions to this year’s Pussy Garden at Lez Camp… the Frankie’s Crew really got into it! 

The crowd began to increase at a constant rate around 9:00pm and continued to a packed standing room only when I left around 12:30am. My largest surprise of the night… the Patio! If you are familiar with my wife and I at all then you are aware how much we love a patio. Relocating from Southern California to the Midwest, I don’t see as many patios that catch my attention these days. When I stepped out the back door to take a picture of a sign I was blown away. The best thing I can equate it to is a mini amphitheater… I was instantly in love with it! What a hidden gem!

Spring is just six short days away… as the weather gets warmer and the flip flops come out and the road trips begin… make sure you stop by Frankie’s in Oklahoma City and say hello to Anne and Terry… make sure you tell them Lez Camp sent you!


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