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eureka springs lez get excited

Every year Lez Camp wipes me out (it is a year round job for me) and I swear I won’t do it again the following year… that lasts about a week and then I’m back to planning… lol! I can’t help it… I LOVE the community we are building. 

Over the holidays I noticed several photos of a group of people getting together for a holiday limo lights tour and fancy dinner…  the source of their friendship… they all met at Lez Camp. This right here is what it‘s all about. Hands down. This is Community! It is moments like this which contribute to the many reasons why Lez Camp will be around for years to come! 

As always… we are trying to improve Lez Camp each year. Last year we uprooted camp and moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Community members have welcomed us with open arms and bent over backwards to make sure we were having a great time… and we did! 

I am super excited to share with everyone what we have been working on since August. Today we will be releasing our first round of information for Lez Camp 2022… including our official Host Hotel… Wanderoo Lodge & Gravel Bar. The owners, Ethan and David Avanzino, have been in the Eureka Springs Community as business owners for a little over a year. Their involvement in the community, as well as their contributions  to the LGBTQ+ Family have been amazing and nonstop since the moment they arrived. Many of our campers spent a lot of time with them last year and they were overwhelmingly requested as our Host Hotel this year. I can’t wait for you to meet them! 

We will also be bringing back tent camping this year. Cabins  and RV slots will also be offered. We have secured a situation where we are able to rent the entire park which prompted the opportunity for us to offer this option safely to our campers, again. 

Make sure you book your lodging ASAP… I guess we got popular because rooms are already filling up quickly… 

See everyone tonight for Summer Camp Sundays! 



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