Community is Everything

community is everything lez camp

Lez Camp was founded on the principal  of Building Community… and for so many of us our community is also our family! We show up for each other… we support one another… and above all… we actually care about each other. 

When we decided to move Lez Camp to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2021 we were originally met with a lot of criticism… of a political nature. That stuck with me… and not necessarily in the most pleasant of ways. The main component I had a hard time wrapping my head around was the community. I did not understand how I was expected to turn my back on members of MY community. Humans faces who owned businesses and supported families. I was not a fan of Boycotting Arkansas for political reasons… it made me actually want to show up twice as much for those who show up for me… My Community! 

I would like to launch our #LezCommunityFeature hashtag by introducing everyone to Chef Katherine Zeller. Chef Katherine owns Cafe Amore in Eureka Springs, Arkansas… they have The Best Pizza in the Galaxy! 🍕🍕 When I bombarded Chef Katherine and told her who I was and what I wanted to do… she said HOW CAN I HELP? This is community. This is family! 

Next time you are in Eureka Springs make sure you stop in for some pizza! 


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