Sponsor and Advertise

Lez Camp offers small businesses and allies a number of ways to sponsor and advertise at our Lez Camp events. When you sponsor and advertise you get your name in front of a large captive audience. Depending on the type of sponsorship you choose, your logo could be seen by thousands of people all over the USA. 

Our events are attended by lesbians from all over the country. They travel to our events, buy our merchandise at the event, and then travel  to their home state. Your logo on our merch travels with them and every time they use that item, people see your logo. Every Lez Camp 3 or 4 day event includes a huge gala, attended by all the Lez Campers. Our campers are encouraged to show support to those who chose to sponsor and advertise at our events. All our Lez Campers know that our amazing sponsors and advertisers help make our events happen. 

Read through our sponsor and advertise options and then, when you find the one that best fits your budget, fill out our "Become a Sponsor" form.

Event Sponsor and Advertise Packages

Single Event

Three Events

Advanced Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor